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Residential Windows Vancouver

Vinyl Windows 


Specially created to provide versatile solutions to a range of issues. Vinyl windows are low maintenance, lasting strength and durability, and dependable performance in any kind of weather. Whether you’re remodeling or replacing older wood or aluminum windows, our vinyl windows offer rich colour choices and exciting brickmould options.


Backed by Jeld-Wen’s limited lifetime warantee, vinyl windows are the right choice for upgrading existing openings or making new ones. All vinyl windows offered in Vancouver have Low E glass complete with Argon gas to reduce heat loss in the winter and resist heat gain in the summer. Not only will these windows save you money over time, but you will see the savings immediately through retrofit rebates.


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Vinyl Residential Window





We’re proud to offer Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)-
certified AuraLast® wood as an option. To learn about the
criteria that must be met to earn this certification, visit our
Environmental Partnerships page.



Wood Windows VancouverOnly Jeld-Wen’s wood windows offer supperior protection from the sea and water saturation thanks to AuraLast® technology. Solid pine AuraLast® wood protects against wood decay and water saturation perfect for your coastal home. Living in the Vancouver area, we are all prone to heavy rainfall. Our climate makes your choice of windows and doors crucial to your home’s survival. Read the AuraLast Wood Brochure.


AuraLast wood is one way
JELD-WEN helps protect coastal homes.


AuraLast wood protects the frame components, including the center mull, brickmould, header and side jambs, from wood decay, water saturation and termites. They can also be painted or stained evenly and consistently.


AuraLast wood (shown in green) provides virtually 100% penetration of the protective ingredients—from the surface to the core. This means trimming and sanding cannot compromise the integrity of AuraLast wood.


In contrast, other manufacturers use dip-treated wood (shown in red), which is protected on the surface only. This means the treatment’s effectiveness will be compromised when the surface is broken during installation.

NOTE: Colors are used for illustration purposes only; AuraLast wood is visually identical to pine.


Decorative Bathroom Windows

The Decorative Bath Windows help to create a relaxing, private space much like a personal spa. And added layer of obscurity brings in natural light, but blocks the view in – making these windows ideal for areas where you seek natural light, while maintaining privacy.

JELD-WEN AuraLast Stained
AuraLast does not alter the natural wood color

JELD-WEN AuraLast Stained
A beautiful stain finish with no pre-sealer needed.

Bathroom Windows Vancouver

For more information on decorative bathroom windows, please read the Bath Glass Brochure.