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Let us install one window and you’ll see the light.


Do you have a broken window or need to replace an old one? Whether it’s one window or an entire set, let us be the ones to install it for you. We supply and install the finest windows on the market backed by a limited life warranty. Once installed, you will see how beautiful these windows truly are. The quality is clearly visible.


Commercial Windows


Aluminum commercial windows are essential to any commercial or industrial development. Light-weight and modular aluminium windows are perfect for store fronts, allowing maximum visibility and clarity.


Contact us for designed and tested commercial windows that will meet your specific building design and budget requirements.


Window Installation Vancouver


When contracting out Condoor for window installation, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. We’re not just a fly by nighter who will slap in a few screws and then run away from the project. We always make sure that our windows are installed professionally, work properly and look good after installation. We take pride in our work and won’t leave you with a huge mess to clean up when we’re done and always take care not to track mud into your house.


Before trusting an installer to work on your house, always make sure you know what you’re getting into. If you pick the cheapest installer in Vancouver, you’ll get what you pay for. We don’t sell the cheapest windows on the market, but we do sell some of the best on the market backed by a lifetime warantee. Our prices are very competitive and we’ll make sure to work with you and your budget.



Types of Windows

Residential Window Install
Blue Accented Windows

Awning Window

Awning Window
An awning window is appropriate for many architectural styles, and it looks intriguing when grouped with other window types. It's hinged at the top and opens out from the bottom in an upward swing.

Casement Window

Casement Window
A casement window perfectly complements modern design and provides maximum ventilation. This type of window is hinged on the side so the sash opens outward, to the right or left, in a swinging motion. They are opened with a crank, lever, or cam handle.

Sliding and Rolling

Sliding Window
Sliding and rolling windows do not swing open, but slide. This is useful in tight areas where a swing window could get in the way. Premium Vinyl sliding windows feature simulated divided lites (SDLs).

Fixed, Radius and Geometric

Geometric Radius Window
Radius and geometric windows allow you to showcase beautiful views and create intriguing window arrangements with other window types. A radius and geometric window has a fixed (inoperative) sash and is available in a variety of half round and rectangular shapes and sizes.

Single Hung

Single Hung Windows
A single hung window is the most basic type of window available. The single-hung window consists of a single pane of glass that covers the entire window space and does not move. The major advantage of the fixed window is that it limits air intrusion, since there are no seams that must be blocked with window seals.

Double Hung

Double Hung Windows
This window is best suited to traditional architectural styles. Double-hung windows feature an upper and lower sash that slide vertically past each other in a single frame. Both sash tilt in for convenient cleaning.

Bay Windows

Bay Window
Bay windows offer a wider viewing angle and are a great way to enhance a view. They can also be used to create a wonderful window seat.

Bow Windows

Bow Windows
Bow windows are similar to Bay windows, however they offer a more rounded effect and are constructed by several casement or double-hung joined together. These windows are also excellent for enhancing scenic views.

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