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Aluminum Door & Window Frame System

Introducing the Condoor Trimless Aluminum Door & Window Frame System

Condoor is excited to unveil its new line of manufactured products. After years of experience working with manufactured products we have decided to make them ourselves. We are taking the extra steps to ensure that we only produce the best systems on the market.


This exclusive heavy duty aluminum frame system by Condoor was originally designed and developed for the Tax Bureau in California. The complex located on Butterfield Way is a state of the art, high security facility with restricted access to the public. Condoor supplied over 900 doors for this project and implemented our exclusive aluminum frame system. After reviewing the system and putting it to a vote, it was decided that this was the best aluminum frame system ever seen by the Board of California.

A Pragmatic and Stylish Design by Contractors, for Contractors

The Condoor Trimless system completely rethinks the standard approach towards commercial door and window installation. Why order two different products for doors and windows? Why complicate the scheduling process by requiring door and window installers to come in before the painters? Why complicate the installation process with trims? The Condoor Trimless simplifies all of these things, so you can move on and have an easier time with your project. With a simple, clean, and elegant design you won’t be disappointed by how it looks either.

A Tried and Tested Manufacturing Process