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Protective Window & Door Film Vancouver

Protective Window & Door Film

Protective film can provide safety and privacy, while increasing energy savings.

  • Anti-Glare
  • Secuirty
  • Insulation
  • Privacy Film
  • Frosted Film or Etched Film
  • Decorative
  • UV Window Film
  • Wind Storm and Hurricane Film
  • Bomb Blast Film
  • Antimicrobial Film
  • Anti-Graffiti Film
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There have been major break-throughs in the development of door and window films. Now you can have incredibly energy efficient film that does not change the appearance of your glass or break the bank.


For more information on protective film, speak to our technician at 604-942-3667.


It is advisable to make glass safe from breakage. Check out the videos below to see the difference a protective film can make.