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Rush Contracting Services Vancouver

In a pinch? We’ll fix it in a cinch. Immediately.


Having troubles meeting tight deadlines? Do some contractors quote you that a project will take 6 months, when you only have 6 weeks? Or maybe you hired someone because they were cheap and you’re finding out why the hard way. Whatever your problem may be, we’re here to clean up the mess and get the job done right…and fast!


We are the best at what we do and what we do is solve problems. When your time is limited, don’t waste it looking for another cheap replacement. Just do what you should have done in the first place and call in the professionals. Contact Condoor immediately with as much information as possible and we will have workers on your site by tomorrow.


The quickest way to getting back on track is to call us at 779-552-0083.


Or drop us an email at sales@condoor.ca with “Rush Contracting” as the subject and let us know about your situation. The more information, the better. Let us know how rushed your job is, did you place an order already or would you need us to? Are you in a contract and if so who pays for damages? Every piece of information you can give us will help us to promptly rectify your situation.


We have a proven track record for getting projects done under stressful situations and tight deadlines, with over 95% accuracy. When you have everything to lose, don’t risk it with some fly by night, two bit contractor.


Call Condoor for quality you can trust.


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