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Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding Door Tracks

Sliding door tracks that are engineered to be quiet and dependable.

We are proud to supply dependable sliding and folding door hardware manufactured by KN Crowder. KN Crowder’s door hardware is capable of withstanding very large load capacities while being virtually silent and incredibly smooth. Their hangers have been cycle tested for over 150,000 cycles – the equivalent of over 30 years of normal use.

C-300 Series

Single & Bi-Parting, Bi-Passing, Pocket or Face Mounted Doors


This extra strong hanger design is particularly useful on plywood or special material doors due to it’s secure anchorage. Six nylon wheels assure smooth, quiet performance of every door. Concealed track and hangers require only 1″ headroom.


  • Load Capacity 75 lbs. (two hangers)
  • Extruded Aluminum Track, 6063T5 Alloy weighing 0.210 lbs. per foot
  • Can be mounted side by side for by-pass application
  • For residential or hotel use
C-300 Series Sliding Door Track

C-500 Series

For 1-3/4″ By-Passing Heavy Duty Doors


This series provides the ultimate in smooth performance. with eight ball-bearing, nylon tire wheels per door. It features vertical adjustment by threaded door top plate and lock-nut. This system is ideal for mirror-covered and solid core doors.


  • Use with Extruded Aluminum C-500 Track, 6063T5 Alloy weighing
    0.0697 lbs. per foot
  • Load capacity 125 lbs. (two hangers)
  • Available in stainless steel hangers
  • For residential, office, institutional or hotel use
C-500 Series Sliding Door Track

KN Crowder tracks are useful in office and hospital settings where operable walls are required. Create operable walls and partitions between cubicles or room dividers in dormitories or hospitals.


KN Crowder also provides Hang It All – Picture Rails perfect for displaying paintings, signs, notes or memos without damaging the walls. They are easily installed virtually anywhere including offices, libraries, kitchens, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, stores, recreation, schools, industry, dormitories, and supermarkets.


Download the Complete Sliding Track Catalogue for specs on the various models:

C-104, C-108, C-204, C-300, C-350, C-400, C-411, C-412, C-500, C-538, C-600, C-650, C-700, C-975, C-2025, C-2035 & more.

Sliding Track Catalogue

Throw A Curve Into The Office To Spice It Up

KN Crowder, a leader in the sliding door track industry introduces their new curved track system.


The new curved door track system departs from the traditional “boxy” office look and enables interesting spaces to be created using curved walls and doors. It is ideal for all pocket door applications.


Concealed doors create a more spacious looking environment. Sliding doors, whether curved or straight, save tremendous amounts of floor space compared to hinged doors. Curved tracks can be top mounted and side mount brackets are available for wall-mounted applications. Almost all tracks and guide channels can be curved to meet the exact specified dimensions.


With a 24 inch minimum, any radius can be accommodated in any arc length. The curved sliding door track system is quiet and durable and ensures that the door’s glide is extremely smooth.


KN Crowder is committed to innovation and quality engineered, durable and time-tested hardware throughout its Crowdertrack line of sliding door products. Crowdertrack is as “smooth as flight”.

Curved Track
Curved Track
Curved Track