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Door Hardware

Door Hardware

We supply and install door hardware for large commercial buildings and towers as well as for residential construction.

Weather Stripping

Foot Grilles

Door Flatware

Push Plates

Pull Plates

Kick Plates


All of the door hardware, flatware and accessories available come in a wide range of finishes.
Click on the button to the right to see some of the finishes available.

Door Accessories

We supply and install everything for all entry and exit systems. No matter the size of the budget, we’ve got what’s right for you. We really are a one stop shop that will fulfill all your building specifications and requirements. A sample of some of the accessories we provide are:


  • Door Knobs & Handles
  • Door Knockers
  • Door Viewers – Peep Holes
  • Door Stoppers
  • Mail Products – Slots
  • House Numbers
  • Security Accessories
  • Automatic Openers
  • Hangers
  • Closet Pulls
  • Hand Rail Brackets
  • Plus More…

Master Keying

Your key to endless possibilities.


At Condoor, we provide a reliable, secure system that you can trust.


**Don’t forget to re-key your building every 5-7 years maximum.**


A Master Key System allows you to regulate access to particular areas or departments while having one master key that can fit all locks.

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