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Aluminum Doors & Frames

Strong and Sleek

Aluminum is an excellent material for doors because it is so durable. It is seemingly stronger than wood, withstanding hurricane type winds and tremendous weight.


Despite its strength, aluminum is very lightweight, making it an excellent choice for doors.


Unlike other materials, aluminum is resistant to rodents, vermin, and termites. It is also thermally stable. It does not swell or shrink when exposed to fluxuating temperatures and humidity levels.


Aluminum is also not combustible, which means it’s resistant to fire and is not damaged by heat. Some forms of aluminum can retain their form at 1000°F.


Aluminum is recyclable, non-toxic, and as an abundant resource, is considered a sustainable material.


It is also produces beautiful doors with a sleek finish. It can last many times longer than other materials, making it an ideal choice for your next doors.


View our gallery of commercial aluminum doors and frames.

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Aluminum is perfect for almost every commercial setting including storefront.

This narrow style system allows for a clean, light entrance for your business.

A large style system is safe, trustworthy and effective.

No matter what your need, Aluminum will do the job. We offer quality equipment and hardware to make your entrance as safe and welcoming as you need.  Custom work is also available for your specific needs.